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corporate social responsibility

At Southwest Global we take safety seriously.

”If it’s not safe we don’t do it”

We employ a full time safety officer and we are continually updating our safety policy along with our operating procedures to protect our staff, whilst ensuring we exceed compliance with the latest regulations.

All of our supervisors are accredited to I.O.S.H Internationally recognised standards.

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Southwest Global provides a safe and secure working environment to all its employees.

  • Conform to all UAE legistlation including health and safety at work places. Primary factors being Quality, Occupational Health, Safety & Environment as per the UAE Laws. We also work in other jurisdictions and our safety policy is adjusted to accommodate compliance as required
  • Continuously upgrading safety standards striving to achieve an  ‘accident free’ environment.
  • Invest in the implementation of health and safety standards which conform to or exceed international best practices
  • Continuous training and development of our employees relevant  to the prevention of accidents in the work place. This policy is primarily the responsibility of the line managers.
  • Ensure the safety of other individuals, customers, suppliers and or business associates whilst onsite

Southwest Global has always been committed to providing safe, fully trained; visa approved responsible staff to all of our operations. To achieve this, a balanced selection and training policy is used to address the following points, so staff are assessed before being deployed in our operational areas:

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  • Recruit staff that are suitably experienced and qualified, with documented traceable work history backgrounds
  • Safety induction immediately upon arrival of new employees
  • Employee training to ensure compliance to international approved PPE standards.
  • Continuous safety monitoring  (boots, overalls, high viz vests and safety hats)
  • Continuous onsite testing to international safety standards and requirements
  • Continuous technical training to internationally recognized standards.
  • In-house competence certification
  • Regular documented toolbox talks to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained

Manufacturer Training & Assistance

To further support training most users are able to call on the excellent long-term relationships built over many years available direct from manufacturers across the globe. Update training to internationally
recognized standards for upgrade to latest technology where required.

  • Bespoke training as requested
  • Monthly new equipment introduction updates
  • Manufacturer training applied to all related industry best practice
  • Classroom training
  • Extends to all trades where applicable

To further enhance worker safety and awareness we provide the following

  • Frequency of rest breaks is monitored to conform with local laws
  • In house labour camp maintained to a high standard
  • Break room facilities to enable meals to be taken away from the workplace company uniforms
  • Hot food and adequate refreshments provided at regular planned intervals
  • In house high quality transportation to get to and from the workplace

Working hours: Local restrictions and government laws are foremost considerations in relation to the way we operate our sites
To minimize risk and prevent over fatigue we have rotation systems and rest days that are pre-determined

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Site Specific Rules On Heavy Equipment Movement

Minimum requirements at our locations:

  • Strict adherence to site speed limits
  • Pay particular attention to the surrounding environment
  • Only operate in the area designated by site supervision
  • Do not exceed the design loading
  • Report any occurrence or spillage immediately
  • Different sites have different ground conditions – be aware
  • Do not carry passengers


All heavy drivers Government certified to level 8 Heavy Equipment Category.

Ongoing training with relevant courses are provided to elevate the standard of the individual.

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